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Saturday, January 21, 2017

PRESS 1/21/2017

Robot Farm – the relaxing adventure RPG with farming-sim elements

What is Robot Farm?
In a world where everyone has amnesia, the player and his team of “Aokobots” must prepare to fight a dangerous threat that will arrive in one ingame year. To achieve this goal, the player must build a “Robot Farm,” a farm run by Aokobots that are guided by the player's hand. Once the farm is stable and bringing in a recurring income, the player must travel the world - meeting the seven remaining “Engineers” and reawakening their true potential as an Aokobot Operator.

Robot Farm is a traditional turn-based adventure RPG with Harvest Moon-like elements sprinkled on top, and features hours of story content to discover. A world is generated for the player at the beginning of the game, and throughout their adventure they will meet various fauna, monsters, chests, robots, and people that will help them grow stronger. At the end of the in-game year, they will face the threat head-on in a climactic final battle.

Who made Robot Farm?
The game was developed by NOKORIWARE, a small team of people around the world who just want to make some fun video games. The game was built with money and time invested in by the team directly. Our one goal for this project is to make you smile, somehow, someway.

What technology was used to make Robot Farm?
Robot Farm is being built on the We Shall Wake game engine, otherwise known as NOKORI ENGINE, or NNGINE (pronounced “engine”) for short. It is a Java-based OpenGL engine that can work on any OS without major work to game code to accommodate them.

Nice! When’s it come out?
Robot Farm will be released sometime during 2017. This extremely flexible release schedule has been chosen so that proper polishing, testing, and feedback implementation can be completed. The game will be available on the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Key Gameplay Features List:

  • Build a Robot Farm
    • Fill your land with Aokobots and Monsters found around the world and cultivate it together! Set the foundations for your farm, and they’ll take care of it while you’re away on adventures.
  • Explore a generated world
    • The entire planet in Robot Farm is generated, along with its various plant, monster, and fish species. Discover them all and complete your Beastiary!
  • Classic turn-based combat system
    • Fight in a system inspired by various jRPG titles that seamlessly takes place on the overworld. Defeat enemies and rebuild them as powerful Aokobots that can be integrated into your farms and team!
  • “Aokobot” building, customization, and fusing
    • Build your own team of Aokobots by creating them from “Soul Cards” salvaged from defeated foes! Combine them to make even stronger teams!
  • Monster taming
    • Tame monsters and combine them with your Aokobots to make powerful hybrids! Or fight them and salvage their Soul Cards.
  • Cooking
    • Combine the fruit of various plant species together to create powerful combination dishes. Fish can also be cooked along with other ingredients to create powerful healing items.
  • Expand your Robot Farm
    • Untamed land can be purchased, renamed, cleared out, and used as farmland to increase your income. Land is also used as a storage mechanism for your favorite Aokobots and Monsters.
  • Customize your home
    • The house you receive at the beginning of the game can be expanded and customized with an array of furniture found at stores around the world.
  • Romanceable characters
    • Meet the daughters of the engineers and cultivate long-lasting friendships. NPCs that care for the player will show it by coming to help at their farm, giving them rare gifts, and even stat bonuses as well.
  • Detailed Lore
    • The world is littered with characters, environmental objects, and items that detail what the world of Robot Farm was like before everyone lost their memories. It’s up to you to uncover what happened all those years ago!