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The Relaxing Adventure RPG with Farming-sim elements

A game for Windows, Linux, and Mac

What can you do in Robot Farm?

Stop Absolute

Explore the mystery that surrounds the world and everyone's apparent amnesia. In one in-game year, something terrible will happen.

Build a Robot Farm

Start a farm with the mysterious "Aokobots" that only you can control. Direct your robots with commands and let them run your farm while you're off saving the world!

Engage in tactical combat

Inspired by strategy RPGs, Robot Farm gives a new take on this method of combat by allowing for seamless strategy gameplay in the world. Time will not stop during battles and will take place on the overworld itself.

Explore NPC Interactions

Robot Farm uses personality generators to allow for various combinations of AI behaviors. NPCs will interact with each other and evolve their friendships even when you're not present. Not only this, but NPCs also can be befriended and romanced for unique in-game bonuses and events.

Discover Multitudes of Species

When the gameworld is generated, so are hundreds of monster, fish, and plant species - all with their own traits and personality archetypes. Discover all of the beasts in your unique world and register them to your beastiary! Tame monsters and fuse them, find crops and domesticate them, fish out aquatic animals and cook them!

Interact With The Landscape

Learn about the game's world through environmental interactions. The player can buy more land across the world and turn them into Robot Farms. Not only this, but the player can even throw fish they've caught into the water and alter their ecosystems! Be careful not to freeze in extreme environments!


Robot Farm is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
The game combines 2D and 3D graphics; requirements will reflect this.
*See Steam page for more in-depth details

CPU SPEED: 1.5 GHz processor


VIDEO CARD: Any OpenGL 3.3 Capable Card


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